We are LEV-L Studios. It's not pronounced lev-uhl. It's pronounced lev-el. But regardless of how you spell it, this section is about us. We're a Baltimore based firm that specializes in web and application development, graphic design, and photography. Specifically, we've done websites, photography, business cards, flyers, apparel designs, newspaper promos, and anything else under the moon.

As far as web development, our strengths lie in ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, however, we've been known to dabble in PHP and Perl. And if you're looking to store pertinent data, you should know that our preferred storage banks are either MySQL or MS-SQL databases. If you're looking for XML, well, we do that too. Either way, feel free to contact any one of us individually here. Or, contact us altogether here. Don't worry, we'll pay for the stamps.